We at Appleseed Insurance would like to give local apartment renters some facts about Renters Insurance. There continue to be some misconceptions among renters on the subject. When disaster strikes, renters face the same risks as homeowners. After all, your personal belongings, like clothes, furniture and electronics, have significant value. Renters insurance is fairly inexpensive in Connecticut and can help you protect the property that you value. So no matter where you live, you can rent with peace of mind.

A 2016 Insurance Information Institute poll conducted by ORC International found that 95 percent of homeowners had homeowners insurance. Among renters, only 41 percent said they had renters insurance.  (source: Insurance Information Institute, Inc.)

When looking into liabilities it is always important to read the fine print in your renter’s agreement. One of the perceived advantages of renting is the assumption that liability for damage, theft or personal injury falls on the landlord.  Your landlord's insurance policy covers his building, not damage to the personal property in your apartment. For instance, water flowing from your tub, washing machine or faulty water heater that floods your neighbors’ apartments and damages his property may be your responsibility.

When you choose to purchase a Renter’s Insurance Policy with Appleseed Insurance, rest assured that our friendly staff will find you the best coverage at the best rates in Connecticut. Stop in to our Windsor Locks or Enfield offices today or call 860-623-0079.

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