Men and women over the age of 50 with grown kids in college question whether they should have a life insurance policy. When you have adult children that are not yet self-sufficient, elderly parents who depend on your care, or debts, a good insurance policy is vital. When a working spouse dies, the loss of income alone puts your loved ones at risk too. Have questions? In the Windsor CT area, call the agents at Appleseed Insurance. Our job is to assess your situation and find the right policy at t

Life is expensive, and many people think that getting a life insurance policy is just another financial burden. Well, if you have a family, a mortgage, and outstanding bills, think about what would happen to your family when you are no longer there. Yes, it seems overwhelming - that's where we come in. At Appleseed Insurance, we can unravel the mystery and find the right policy at the right price for you. There are many different variables to consider when making investment for your family’

Appleseed Insurance can get you the best quotes for Life Insurance in the Windsor Locks and Enfield CT area. When you have a family, you want to know they will be provided for should you die young. Appleseed Insurance is a locally owned insurance agency serving the community in the Windsor Locks CT area. As a local insurance agency, with years of experience in the industry, we strive to offer the best insurance products at the best rates possible. We represent the top companies and shop for the