Do not underestimate the importance of umbrella insurance to protect your business. Because the act of suing is so common today, your company may be named in a lawsuit. Commercial umbrella liability insurance adds to your current business owner's liability. You get more protection against an expensive claim or lengthy lawsuit.

When you have questions about your business insurance needs, call Chris at Appleseed Insurance. Typical situations where extra coverage may be helpful is liability for bodily injury, property damage, property owners coverage, slander or libel coverage, emotional damages or mental anguish coverage. Remember, Umbrella insurance is the coverage that may kick in when your losses under other insurance policies have exceeded policy limits. Most umbrella policies provide an extra $1 million to $10 million dollars in coverage.

Don’t get caught unaware and end up owing thousands in damages due to an accident or disaster. No matter how prepared you are, accidents can and do happen. Make sure you’re protected with umbrella insurance. We are passionate about guiding others through the sometimes tricky and treacherous world of insurance. When it comes to any form of insurance, you should have enough protection to cover your assets. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

Umbrella insurance is a great financial move, as it will protect you and your assets in case of accident or disaster. Learn more today by stopping by, giving us a call, or making an appointment for a consultation. Don’t get caught in the rain without a commercial umbrella insurance policy from Appleseed Insurance. We are a privately owned independent insurance agency. Call for a consultation: 860-623-0079.

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The Importance of Umbrella Insurance | Enfield CT | Appleseed Insurance